Canal Boat and Narrowboat Holidays in the UK.

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Buying a Canal Boat or Narrowboat new or used.

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Owning and maintaining your own boat.

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Training courses administered by the RYA.

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New Boats for Sale


Brand New Canal Boats and Narrowboats:

If you are keen on the idea of a brand new boat you have three further options open to you.

1. There are boatbuilders who will happily discuss all of your requirements with you and then they will build you a bespoke boat. This is clearly the most expensive route but you will end up with the boat of your dreams and if you know what it is you want, then your first stop should be ABC Boatbuilders. Canal Boat and Narrowboat boat builders.

2. Off the shelf: There are a few boatbuilders who operate more like other marine boat builders and they produce standard boats which you can buy pretty much 'off the shelf'. there is a good list of options rather like buying a car so this gives you the coice of a proven existing boat design and layout as well as the opportunity to finetune the contructioon to suit your needs. Navigo marine are on such company and you can see what they have to offer at their website and you would deal with them through their UK agents. New canal boats and narrowboats.

3. Shared ownership: here you join a syndicate of owners and share the costs of purchase and maintenance of your own canal boat or narrowboat.

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