Canal Boat and Narrowboat Holidays in the UK.

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Buying a Canal Boat or Narrowboat new or used.

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Owning and maintaining your own boat.

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Training courses administered by the RYA.

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Owning a canal boat or Narrowboat


The joys of owning your own boat can soon evaporate if you do not look after it properly or ensure that you keep in on a safe mooring.

There are plenty of free or cheap moorings to be found around the canal network, however they almost always have a 'price' to pay in the longer term.

Given the cost of buying and maintaining a canal boat, it is a false economy to try to save when it comes to keeping your boat on a secure mooring and seeing to its regular maintenance.

All good marinas will enhance the ownership experience by providing security, car parking, refuse disposal, water, power, fuel and of course professional services such as enginering, repairs and advice.

ABC leisure have a network of boatyards and marinas across the UK Inland Waterways and all of these will help you.

Click here for details and links to all of their boatyards and marinas.


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