Canal Boat and Narrowboat Holidays in the UK.

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Buying a Canal Boat or Narrowboat new or used.

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Owning and maintaining your own boat.

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Training courses administered by the RYA.

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Shared Ownership


As the term suggests, this is a well proven way of affording to buy a boat, by joining with a number of like-minded individuals to share the costs of purchase and maintenance of a canal boat or narrowboat.

Syndacates are put together and the administration is generally done by an agency to make it all very simple for the parties involved.

ABC Boat Share specialise in just such arrangements and in most cases this involves the collective purchase of a brand new boat built especially for the syndacate and incorportating all the things they most want have by way of a brand new boat.

In addition ABC leisure group can offer both boat shares for purchase and the management of shared ownership, corporate, or syndicated boats through their Boat Mangement operation.

canal boat shares and shared ownership.

The shared or syndicate boat is then operated by ABC Leisure Group acting as the managers, utilising their years of experience and expertise in marina, boat building and boat hire operations to give permanent ongoing support and administration of the boat for the benefit of all of the owners.

Full details of these schemes can be found at


Click here to go directly to the ABC Shared Ownership website


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